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Vision Forecasting



The Vision line of products provide everything required to control, manage and promote a movie and/or game rental business. Core features include an intuitive Windows interface that is extremely simple to learn and use, integrated reservations, password protected functions, customer account management, customer photo capture, barcode support, management reporting, a range of promotional tools, full saleable stock control features, and much, much more.

The FRM (Fingerprint Recognition Module) of each product allows you to achieve two main functions:

  1. Customer or Member verification - the module allows a customer/member's fingerprint to be captured after being read from a fingerprint reader attached to your computer (please see the hardware page for hardware requirements). Upon completing a transaction, the program will prompt you to read the customer/member's fingerprint and then compare it to that held for that customer in the database. In addition to the main customer/member's fingerprint, fingerprints can also be collected and verified for each individual authorized customer/member on a given account.

  2. Staff login - The FRM allows your staff to quickly and easily login to the program by reading their fingerprint. After receiving the fingerprint reading, program searches for a match in the user fingerprint database and upon successful recognition the user is logged into the program. This login method not only removes the need for users to remember their username/password combination but is also increases the speed of the login process.

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