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BIO-key International, Inc.


Vector Segment Technology™ (VST) Software Development Kit

The VST SDK (Software Developers Kit) provides you with the tools to build positive identification within your application. Based on our patented Vector Segment Technology, this development platform is designed to add fast and convenient biometric security to any existing or new software platform or application.

WEB-key® Software Development Kit

Flexible, Open and Scalable The WEB-key SDK (Software Developers Kit) is built around a three tiered architecture to add biometric security to network transactions. Using a "thicker" development environment than the VST SDK, WEB-key allows you to quickly build applications to your precise requirements. Like the VST SDK, you can grow the system as your requirements change, no matter how large your database becomes.

Biometric Service Provider (BSP) Software Development Kit

The BioAPI Consortium has established a standard Application Program Interface (API) that interfaces with available biometric technologies. BIO-key International's BSP implementation meets all of the criteria set forth in this standard, plus valuable additional capabilities.

True User ID Rapid Deployment Kit

This innovative program destined to revolutionize the user identification market. All the elements needed to quickly integrate secure, convenient biometric user authentication into virtually any application including sample code, industry specific sample applications, and a startup matcher ID key are part of this easy to implement, easy to use authentication solution.

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