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SecuGen Software Developer Kits


SecuGen SDKs feature advanced, minutiae-based fingerprint recognition technology that allow developers to build leading-edge biometric applications that embed the use of SecuGen fingerprint readers.


Compatible with Windows 10LinuxAndroidJava.NETRaspberry Pi


1:N (One-to-Many) SDK

SecuSearch Pro 3 SDK for Windows (1:N Matching)


1:1 (One-to-One) SDKs

FDx SDK Pro for Windows (1:1 Matching, with Java support)

FDx SDK Pro for Linux (1:1 Matching, with Java support)

FDx SDK Pro for Android (1:1 Matching, with Java support)

SecuBSP SDK Pro for Windows (1:1 Matching)

What's the difference between FDx and SecuBSP?


Additional SDKs

FDx SDK for Windows CE

SecuGen ISO Image SDK for Windows (ISO/IEC 19794-4 Standard Image Capture)


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Features of SecuGen SDKs

Easy to Integrate
SecuGen SDKs make it quick and easy to integrate SecuGen fingerprint scanning, template generation (minutiae extraction), and template matching functions (both one-to-one and one-to-many) into almost any type of sotware application.


Flexible for Most Development Needs
SecuGen SDKs are available as low-level API ("FDx") and high-level API ("BSP") packages that support a wide range of operating systems and development environments.


Support for Leading Biometric Standards
Many SecuGen SDKs support U.S. and international biometric standards and include algorithms that have been intensively tested by NIST for compliance.


Complete Documentation
Every SDK includes full documentation to assist with development and deployment.


Available Free of Charge
SecuGen SDKs are available free of charge using our online request form.


What is is the difference between one-to-one (1:1) and one-to-many (1:N) matching?

One-to-One (1:1)

In instances where security is a high priority, 1:1 matching is typically used. This method is more secure than 1:N because 1:1 matching requires the person to present information that identifies themselves, as described below.

Using a 1:1 template matching algorithm is called “authentication.” This means that something is already known about a person. This information can be a customer ID, name, driver’s license number, etc., and it is stored with that person’s fingerprint template in a database. Using that information, the programmer obtains that person’s fingerprint template from the database and then attempts to match that template with a template created from a newly captured fingerprint. If they match, then the person’s identity is said to be verified or authenticated.


One-to-Many (1:N)

In instances where convenience is a high priority, 1:N matching is typically used. This method is fast and requires no previous knowledge of the person.

Using a 1:N template matching algorithm, such as SecuSearch Pro, is called “identification.” In this situation, no information about the person is required for the matching process except that their fingerprint must have been previously enrolled in the SecuSearch Pro database. To identify a person, a new fingerprint is captured, and the template extracted from this fingerprint is compared to the fingerprint templates stored in the SecuSearch Pro database. If a match is found, then the person is said to be identified.


Additional Information

Technical Support is not included but may be purchased separately.
  • SDK Technical Support (Annual Plan)
    Telephone and e-mail support
    $950 per year
  • SDK Technical Support (Hourly Plan)
    Telephone and e-mail support
    $150 per hour

For questions about purchasing technical support, please contact Sales.
For general support information, please visit our Support page.


Windows device drivers are available on our Device Drivers support page.
Drivers for platforms other than Windows are provided in their respective SDK file(s).


Partnering with SecuGen as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) provides sales and marketing benefits when you resell SecuGen peripherals along with your solution. Click for more Partner information.


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Both FDx and BSP types of SDKs are easy to use and provide everything you need to implement fingerprint functions including fingerprint enrollment (fingerprint capture & template extraction), template management, and verification (1:1 template matching). The FDx SDKs provide low-level APIs giving you maximum flexibility in design. The BSP SDKs provide high-level APIs with pre-made GUI wizards for fingerprint functions.