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Evaware Selects SecuGen Fingerprint Readers for Patient Identification

Santa Clara, Calif. (February 12, 2007) – Evaware Ltd., a UK software company has begun delivering to the healthcare industry patient identification solutions that use the patients’ own fingerprints. Evaware‘s extensive range of browser-based electronic patient record and medical facility management solutions, marketed under the brand “Project E-vita”, work with SecuGen optical fingerprint readers. SecuGen’s fingerprint readers, such as the popular Hamster III, are well-known for being highly accurate, robust, and extremely rugged.

While working on solutions for end users in Africa and Asia, Evaware became acutely aware of the problem of accurately identifying patients in the developing world and the associated risks to patient safety. Patient record systems, whether computer based or manual, are worthless without accurate identification of the patient. More traditional identification methods such as ID cards or “Chip and PIN” are totally unsuitable in many of these geographic areas. The most effective method for identification was narrowed down to the use of the patient’s own fingerprints. Project E-vita systems also allow a relative to be identified instead of the actual patient, enabling medical facility personnel to trace the patient’s records via relationship.

Nick Dyer, Managing Director for Evaware, stated, “Our two main criteria in identifying a suitable fingerprint scanning hardware provider were ruggedness of design and manufacture together with an easy to use Software Development Kit to reduce the ‘time to market’ for our product. We extensively evaluated the marketplace and found SecuGen’s fingerprint readers and SDK to be ideal."

Jeff Brown, VP of Sales for SecuGen said, “We are very pleased to be able to partner with Evaware. Their knowledge of the health care industry, especially in the developing world, is an invaluable resource for us. By partnering with Evaware, SecuGen can continue to focus on designing and manufacturing very high quality fingerprint products at affordable prices.”

About Evaware Ltd.
Evaware Ltd. is a UK-based independent software vendor with 20 years of experience in delivering pre-packaged software as well as bespoke solutions to a wide variety of industries. Project E-vita is a browser-based Electronic Patient Record and Administration System that utilizes international standards in clinical coding and is available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription license or as a traditional end user system.

About SecuGen
SecuGen is the world's leading provider of advanced, optical fingerprint recognition technology, products, tools and platforms for physical and information security. SecuGen designs and develops proprietary and patented fingerprint sensors and algorithms and markets OEM components, developer kits, application software and fingerprint peripherals worldwide for a wide range of applications.

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